Custom Meat Orders - Summer 2012  
Premium AA Pasture Raised, Grain Silage Finished, no growth hormones  
Dry Hung & Aged 10-14 days in our climate controlled cooler  
Cut and wrapped to your specifications  
Side of Beef (325-400lb)   $3.99/lb
Front Quarter (165-200lb)   $3.75/lb
Hind Quarter (165-200lb)   $4.25/lb
Long Loin (60-70lb)   $8.50/lb
Short Loin (35-50lb)   $10.50/lb
Swinging Rib (40-80lb)   $6.50/lb
Hip of Beef   $5.95/lb
Grain Fed, Pasture Raised  Pork  
Cut and wrapped to your specifications  
Side of Pork (90-110lb)   $2.39/lb
Whole Pork (180-220lb)   $2.29/lb
Smoking (Ham, Bacon, Sausage)   $2.00/lb
Sausage making (Bratwurst, Garlic, Italian)   $2.00/lb
Curing ( Peameal, Cottage Roll)   $2.00/lb
Grain Fed, Fresh Ontario Lamb  
Whole Lamb ( 40-45lb)   $7.50/lb
Available with one week notice. Order Turkey now for Christmas and Easter!  
Fresh Free Range Turkey (10-20lb)   $4.95/lb
Fresh Free Range Chicken (4-8lb)   $4.95/lb

Lamb, veal, venison, wild boar, buffalo, pheasant, quail, rabbit, emu, caribou, ostrich and most seafood also available by request.